Going Away

Going Away

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Sequel uploaded and is called Love Found in a Coma

|if you want a fic that will give you heart ache then you've come to the right place|

Gerard's parents are tired of him always getting in trouble. What happens when they send him to live with his grandpa and he meets Frank?

(Cred: @crying_romance on Live Journal)

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my life is going nowhere i want everyone to know that i dont care
My dad would beat me up for less than that, one thing I learned, don't EVER be disrespectful towards your parent or guardian because, ouch
And you are the clock on my vcr keeping me up at night, the tiny light won't fade
My parents also say this "why can't you be like your sister"
my mom just asked why i just yelled ''YES THERE'S YOUR MAN'' apparently that was not just in my head
“Who’s Frank?” Wow who the hell isnt Frank geez Gerard treat Frank with some respect