Going Away

Going Away

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Sequel uploaded and is called Love Found in a Coma

|if you want a fic that will give you heart ache then you've come to the right place|

Gerard's parents are tired of him always getting in trouble. What happens when they send him to live with his grandpa and he meets Frank?

(Cred: @crying_romance on Live Journal)

PrinecessMelody12 PrinecessMelody12 Oct 23, 2016
GOD Mikey IS so innocent and fragile 😭😭 I just wanna hug him
My grandma says that only why can't I be more like my cousin sigh
demolitionrow demolitionrow Sep 28, 2016
I actually vowed to myself I wouldn't read another Frerard fic after Filthy Lucre but here I am like 20 minutes later kill me
I'm on the verge of tears. Author, no one has made me cry this fast during a fic, you deserve an award
IncaMjLegend IncaMjLegend Oct 03, 2016
I miss doing this to my sisters just to stop them from crying. But I had to leave ;-;
this actually almost happened to me once im triggered rkfhskfhsfk