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Radioactive (An Avengers Fanfic)

Radioactive (An Avengers Fanfic)

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Maddie By MaddieTehFangirl Completed

Lyla Davidson was just a normal 14 year old girl. Emphasis on the was. After her mother died from cancer caused by a mishap in the laboratory, Lyla is left alone with just her dad. Then at her father's laboratory, Lyla drops several of her experiments on herself, causing her to gain new abilities she can't even seem to wrap her head around. At the same time, the lab is taken over by Loki, who takes control of her dad and the other lab workers. Lyla's life gets thrown head first into the Avenger's life when she is forced to become the youngest member to stop Loki and save the only family she's got left.

Did this happen to land on a Tuesday? (Heat of the moment plays in the distance)
TheLadyBiersack TheLadyBiersack 7 days ago
Actually the lab coats are so that if you spill any chemicals on you there's another layer of protection and that the chemicals doesn't burn your skin.
i thought i was the last of my kind, but it turns out, there r more of us...
                              and we shall rise, the army of whovians, world do ination by bananas!!!🍌🍌🍌
Ugh... I wanna go to Disney world... (hope you had a bunch of fun, though!!!)
What's a whovian? 
                              I'm confused. 
                              Don't throw bananas at me!😢