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Broody. Unforgiving. Lady killer. And of course, emotionally unavailable.

Clumsy. Small. Hot-headed and sarcastic.

Devoted. Nerdy. Fighting squid. Closed off. 

Lauren, Lexa, and Raven. A trio of dorks who also consider themselves professional fighters. After a terrible accident involving her family, Lauren was pushed to find a way to take care of herself. Which ended up landing her in the Underground Fighting Industry, owned by the Mob, and in the hands of an older fighter, Lexa. Raven, unfortunately handed the short end of the stick as well, made her way to the underground and found herself befriending the two green-eyed girls. They now fight professionally in the UFC, believing they've paid their debts to the man who had given them a home and a way to make ends meet.  

 Clarke met Lexa by complete accident. Being from LA and new to the streets of New York City she found herself lost and the green-eyed fighter had steered her in the right direction.  Now, the four of them consider themselves a small family. The blue-eyed blonde is a former athlete who now works with Sports Illustrated as a model with best friend Octavia as her photographer. 

 Camila is a young woman who's been handed most things in her life. Her parents own a large company and she grew up, well, privileged.  She works with Victoria Secret and is dating one of the faces of Calvin Klein. The perfect life. Unlike most people, the brunette has never encountered emotional turmoil within her life. That is, up until she falls for a certain pair of green eyes one night at a fight.


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Were you or were you not just hardcore flirting w her? Bitch tf
How are you hard core flirting with her but you have a boyfriend...?/!/?/!
ttoppgz ttoppgz Sep 13
Damn Mila I think you better stop the flirting challenges. I don't think you'll win.
heyartie heyartie Jun 13
LOL because you know... there are such things as twist offs 😂😂😂😂
ttoppgz ttoppgz Sep 13
Um don't push her. She is a professional fighter. You gon get ya ass beat.