Rejected Me? Does It Look I Care?

Rejected Me? Does It Look I Care?

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Amina By AminaTullu Updated Nov 27

I wrote this story when I was BORN. I'm warning  y'all. 

"Why would the moon goddess give me some ugly stupid girl like you. She totally thought wrong. I Ryder King of the Midight Pack, reject you Raine Grace as my mate and Luna."
 Raine Grace turned sixteen and that is the day when she finds her mate. She thought it would be oh so happy until he rejected her. 

Her family and pack hates her, they abuse her and her brother, well her brothers jacked up. So she does what any girl who's life is a living hell would. Run away. 

As you guys know I'm not good with girly stories so I didn't really make her girly. Bare with me guys, bare with me. 

Give this story chance, comment vote and follow. Bye bitches!
(Oh and bad language)  ;-)

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love the ending of the letter hahaha. savagery at its finest
Lily_Iris Lily_Iris Jun 16
Wow she sure has a savage caracter but I like it 😉😉😉
seeker12 seeker12 Jul 24
Finally, someone who doesn't love and forgive everyone in sight! A little more background would have been nice though!
I am imagining her humping the well later cause as she said she is mated to a wall 😂 😂 😂 😂
Yeah that the understatement of the year "suck my imaginary dick" ada the girl she's got gut.
cq_kings cq_kings Oct 24
Lmfao i love that "you can suck my imaginary dick" classic bruh!!!😂😂