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The Bad Boy Calls Me Love

The Bad Boy Calls Me Love

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kitten By Kittyz123 Completed

Clarity Charms is your average nerd at your school. She has Perfect straight A's in all classes, with a capital P. She's obviously the good girl. Her last name describes her perfectly, Charms. She is highly Charming, even if she doesn't think so.
Ryder Chance just so happens to be the Bad Boy, with capital B's, or so Clarity would say. The beautiful features, and of course, the infamous leather jacket with a motorcycle.
But what happens when Ryder all of a sudden has a need to know this girl?
Well, Ryder isn't sure what he'll do when he meets her. And better yet, starts to fall for her.
And as for Clarity, she'll just have to wait and see what happens when he comes her way.


Mohmaaya Mohmaaya Jan 07
These lines are the exact from Caught by the Bad Boys (wattpad book) 😑
lolerene lolerene Nov 06, 2016
Ummm.... I really think I'll like this story, but I feel that it shouldn't have been written in first person. That's just my opinion. Clarity sounds like such a sweetheart!!!
Mohmaaya Mohmaaya Jan 07
Okay, yhis is emotional but I'm laughing because of Skittles getting mentioned. 😑
he keeps calling her love and it's kind of getting annoying already
I had a teacher named Mrs. Boner just thought I should let ya peoples know
brobai brobai Dec 12, 2016
Thank god she's not some blonde bimbo. They make terrible stereotypes for us blondes.