You Rejected Me. Wow....Big Deal. (COMPLETE) (UNDER MAJOR EDITING)

You Rejected Me. Wow....Big Deal. (COMPLETE) (UNDER MAJOR EDITING)

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Hidden Warrior By EchoLoud Completed

"Where are the people White Moon sent?" Shawn demands for an answer, sending the growl towards me. 

He must have obviously got more observant since I left, as he noticed that I'm  the leader of the group. Tired of standing around doing nothing, he can blink, as fast as a vampire, I have a knife at his throat. 

It's not that I wanted to kill him, I just got bored. Shawn's little minions growl at me, ready to pounce and give their life in hope for their alpha to live. Looks like they won't be too hard to control, they seem easy enough to bend to my will.

"Call off your minions, she won't hurt you. She just is bored," Kim ruins my fun with a soothing voice that I just want to believe.

Maybe she is worth something...


Violet Winters isn't a sweet flower like her name might lead you to think, that's not even close. 
In first grade she punched a kid because he dared to admit he thought she was pretty.  

In third grade when a girl gave her a flower because she thought it was pretty, Violet broke it in front of her face. 

By fifth grade she her hair was dyed ice white. 
One thing that makes this even more troubling is the fact that Violet is a werewolf. The betas daughter, from a well respected pack to be specific. 
When she finds her mate and she rejects him right after figuring it out. Then seeing her opening she leaves the pack and goes to join the military. 

Will she survive in the real world or will she go back home to the protection of her pack?
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90% of wattpad stories are like that, its annoying just like how almost every teen fiction the main characters are Barbara palvin and Francisco lachowski
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over 7 thousand people die every year from doctors sloppy hand writing
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Omg you're literally the sweetest person ever thank you for including me ❤️❤️❤️
But then there are those books that are spot on. Like you cant stop reading
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You know the wizard of oz and neverland are two different things
Wow! That is a VEEEEERRY long list. Feels nice to have a lot of people to support you.🖒