OHSHC X Vampire Reader

OHSHC X Vampire Reader

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Kat Bradley By KittyKAT2meow Updated Apr 14


There's a new student at Ouran, and she's  definitely not the most lovable type.

But what happens when Tamaki wants her in the club anyways? Will her secret spill? Will they be scared or will they hate her? 

Only one way to find out

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Why you so seriousssss???? Oh wait,, that's your character trait haha
Even in books I'm still a KUUDERE type and a boyish girl...hmpp...well it seems fine to me
just wait tomorrow you will wake up with fangs and the crave for blood and almost no blood in your body.
First sentence and my mind already went to fücking Twilight XD fml
AmmaQtE AmmaQtE May 22
bish I may type lots of sh¡t on the internet on how I complain aboot alot of stuff but in reality I can't even say 'Thank you' to a person idk why
JuminHan606 JuminHan606 Aug 16
I actually like dresses its just that if you wear something like that if it just goes a little bit higher some people WILL call you unappropriate things. The normalcy of life in a place thats too religous 😅