Not gay. Joshler [Not Finished]

Not gay. Joshler [Not Finished]

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Alex 🐝 By JoshlerTho Updated Aug 06, 2017

New kid. New school. Punk style. Also did I mention he's a flirt.?
Same school. Bad boy style. He's not falling for

"Dude I know what you're trying to do. I'm not gay dun!. I think...

(This is something that could have been 100% better but I gave up. Will I ever finish this book.? Probably not..the ending is up to your imagination.)

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TheGhostsShadow1 TheGhostsShadow1 Nov 28, 2017
Our cafeteria is in a multipurpose room that’s just labeled, “MULTIPURPOSE ROOM” so like, I can’t get lost. Then again I have like half a year left until summer break then it’s off to high school
tylertryhard tylertryhard Jun 20, 2017
as he walks out of the room he passes by Tyler and runs his hand through tylers hair
TheGhostsShadow1 TheGhostsShadow1 Nov 28, 2017
School doesn’t start till 7 and our late Bell is at 8 I think you’re perfectly fine, Josh
purpleplayer1 purpleplayer1 Dec 29, 2017
Dang in all the ones I read it is josh the mean ones but you turned the table on me
ryanswhiz ryanswhiz Aug 12, 2017
Gross! Stop pretending that Josh landing on you didn't give you a boner.
mikeywayseyebrows mikeywayseyebrows Jul 26, 2017
the dude on the far right. idk who it is but im screaming. hes having a little... problem. (;