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Harry Potter Imagines

Harry Potter Imagines

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Queenie By TheMoonlightSheWolf Completed

Harry Potter imagines
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avaklusmos avaklusmos Aug 01, 2016
Name: Akira
                              Character: Cedric Diggory
                              Scene: Yule ball
                              Year: Sixth year
                              House: Gryffindor
                              Blood status: Pureblood
                              Length: long (?)
                              Looks: brunette wavy hair and green eyes
Please make me one please:
                              Name: Lily Potter
                              Love Interest: George Weasley
                              Scene: A love- hate relationship simmilar to James and Lily Evans'.
                              Year: Same as George
                              House: Griffindor
                              Blood: Half Blood
                              Looks: Red, slight curly hair, green eyes, Six feet, two inches,
Name:Tala Regan
                              Love interest:Draco Malfoy
                              Scene:Calls him a monster, finds him crying near the black lake later (you can continue it)
                              Year:same as Draco
                              Blood status:pure blood
                              Looks:Brown hair with red streaks. Green eyes.
__doubletrouble__ __doubletrouble__ Aug 02, 2016
Name: Alexis 
                              Character: Seamus 
                              Scene: Maybe something with him blowing something up. I don't really care. :)
                              Year: 5th/6th
                              House: Ravenclaw 
                              Blood status: (Does it matter?) Pure or half
XHermelienx XHermelienx Jul 01, 2016
                              Uhm... Date 
                              One year higher as Neville 
                              Darkblond hair, green eyes
-flowercrxwns -flowercrxwns Jun 27, 2016
Name: Angie
                              Character: Oliver Wood 
                              Scene: Oliver gets jealous and then we fight but made up
                              Year: Same as Oliver
                              House: Gryffindor 
                              Blood Status: Half Blood