Bloody Ties//g.d~completed

Bloody Ties//g.d~completed

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pretty odd✨ By peculiardolan Completed

*****Book I*****


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"Run and keep running. Just know that no matter how far you get, I will find you. I need you here. You may not know it yet but, you need me too." 

Emily never quite understood love. How a persons entire universe could shift to where their thoughts were only of one person. That was until, Grayson Dolan was in the picture. Tall, athletic build, handsome in every way possible, he was the definition of perfect. So perfect, it was dangerous.

Soon, Emily is thrown into a world where the supernatural are natural and the laws of life have been bent, challenging death itself. 

Join Emily on an adventure of love, friendship, courage, and belonging as she uncovers a secret world she never even knew existed and discovers how she may tie back into it all.


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Roses are red
                              Cacti are prickly 
                              Oh shît this escalated quickly
ywandolan ywandolan Aug 15
Roses are red 
                              Violets are blue 
                              I can't make a poem
                              But how can you?????🤔🤔
Good thing I have a pair of scissors and knife on my counter next to my bed🙂
dolanwho dolanwho Jul 31
That's so romantic 😞😞😞LMAO omg that's creepy af this seems interesting
Grethan63 Grethan63 Sep 01
Ahaaaaaaa aha aha ahaaa.... not creepy at all NOT ONE BIT 🙂👍🏼😂
Roses are red violets are blue I'm calling ghost hunters and they better pull thru