AoT Imagines {Attack on Titan x Reader}.

AoT Imagines {Attack on Titan x Reader}.

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위니 By WinnieHeichou Updated Feb 03, 2017

"If you win, you live, if you lose, you die. If you don't fight, you can't win."

• Besides being surrounded by Titans and having to survive, these brave warriors of humanity are ready to fight for your heart.

• All types of oneshots are welcome. (Lemons, limes, fluffs, angsts, songfics etc.)

•Requests are always welcome!

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The first time I saw Erwin on the show all I thought was "holy wall maria the eyebrows!" And literally jumped because of those glued on squirrels.
rin_epub rin_epub Jun 02, 2017
Your imagines are really amazing! I'm hooked! 
                              Your sentences, your words and stories! They are just beautiful!
GraySteel GraySteel May 25, 2016
I'm so glad to see you back early!! Hopefully your exams went well for you. :) this chapter was beautiful, I'm so happy~
Tsukikono Tsukikono May 25, 2016
I Love youuuuuuu 😍😍 
                              Thank you for making this oneshot about Erwin❤️
jadakko jadakko May 25, 2016
                              so glad to see youre back !! how did you exams go ? im sure you did great though <3
                              this was a great first chapter and i was so happy to see it was erwin up first !!! been needing some refreshing aot fanfic ( bc i just got back into the fandom and writing fanfics !! )
jadakko jadakko May 18, 2016
this is great winnie ! i am very excited for this because i love how you write for Levi and I'm looking forward to see how you write for the other characters with your style!
                              yessssssss more aot goodness to keep me sane bc sEASON TWO WAS POSTPONED UNTIL NEXT YR UGH