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Wings Of Fire Randomness

Wings Of Fire Randomness

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Eclipticmoon By EclipticMoon55555 Updated 3 days ago

These are just some ideas, theories, ships, aka don't hate!

Oaapha Oaapha Aug 13, 2016
I kinda like them as a ship, although I think it'd do a lot for Moon's character if she could refuse Winter. he's bullied her so much, after all; so where did all the "your mind is better than most" in Winter Turning come from? I dunno - they just seem forced.
DaughterOfHades222 DaughterOfHades222 Jul 15, 2016
Awwwwwwww.I am only not being heartless because this is my OTP
PythonClaw PythonClaw May 07, 2016
It would've been cute if when he gave the necklace back it had a ring on it, but good job :)
SushiChef SushiChef Jul 24, 2016
I like all ships except:
                              Morrowseer x Blister
                              Darkstalker x Moon/ that's just creepy 😖
TheDovinator1 TheDovinator1 Apr 03, 2016
That was really good, I feel like this could be a very good story.
Crazycatcrafter Crazycatcrafter Jul 09, 2016
R.I.P why does this seem funny? Lol I am a heartless creature