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He's Just Gerard

He's Just Gerard

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McrTrashboat By McrTrashboat Updated Jan 02

Frank Iero has been friends with Mikey Way for the past ten years. They've never hung out at Mikey's house. Frank knows Mikey has a younger brother but Frank has never met him before. Will a visit to Mikey's house change Frank's like?

No social interaction for me. Nope. I'm good. He's your friend, not mine. Bye.
i laugh at peoples pain x3 i laughed when i hit a kid in the eye with a cheez it
It's the mickey mouse club house
                              CUM INSIDE it's fun inside
                              M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E 
                              THAT'S ME
I hope you're not about to crush on someone you say looks six years old
It takes real talent to choke on air and that's the only talent I have
I wish my siblings loved me this much. All we do is fight, but oh well.