too old for you || z.m (interracial)

too old for you || z.m (interracial)

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ur mamí By castawayhemmings Updated Nov 26

this is an age gap story, if you don't like them, read this one cause it's really good and if you do like them, enjoy! now for the description:

zayn is 20 and is friends with a 15 year old girl named justine. as much as they try and not let their feelings get the best of them, justine can't help but seduce zayn and zayn can't help but watch and fantasise about her.


Bruh this is me AF becuz I'm 15 and black and just yea because of that I'm gonna be the biggest fan of this book
Whhhhhyyyyyy?!?!?! Im in public and around alot of old people and im trying so hard not to laugh😭😭😭😭😭
Sooooo we just gonna act like our moms wouldn't kick our natural black àssess for this kinda shït ..... Ok