A silver and green lion

A silver and green lion

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Kittykat By Gittiekitty Updated Aug 09

What if the hat ignored Harry's pleas and sorted him as he saw fit instead? Harry struggles with adapting to an unfriendly House and the bullying of his fellow students. Still, the Boy Who Lived won't let this drag him down and together with his friends, he takes on the dangers we all remember. Will the outcome still be the same? And will the journey?

All rights are for J.K. Rowling as in she owns Harry Potter. I just gave my own fling to it.

First book Harry in Slytherin

I don't get it!!!! They sung the song ONCE in first year!!! That's it!! Just a thought, but aren't you supposed to actually sing it like a billion times till it gets stuck in your head for the rest of eternity?!?
D.A.D.A,not D.A.(defence against dark arts,not dark arts)sorry I just had to point it out😫
Finally!!!! Someone says something about that!!! I am a Slytherin and my friends dont trust me sometimes because of it
I think this is your best story so far :) Then again, I helped with it, so that explains too ;)