Enchilada Ed

Enchilada Ed

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Mariah Ragi By WaltTwitman Completed

(Formerly Ignorance, Bliss, and Mexican Food)

Ed doesn't know he's beautiful. But he is. Even when his crazy boss forces him to wear an "extra-spicy" chili pepper costume as part of a May 5th promotion. It was only meant to be an after-school job at a low-key Mexican restaurant; Ed never signed up for abject humiliation. And when a lovestruck girl snaps a covert picture of Ed while he serves her an enchilada, he couldn't possibly have anticipated becoming the internet's latest imaginary boyfriend. The fame is immediate and disorienting, but if it helps Ed convince quirky foreign exchange student Audra to attend prom with him, being "Enchilada Ed" might not be so bad.

Updates on Fridays! 
By the way, this is a first draft. There may be minor inconsistencies!

katteviolet katteviolet Aug 02
                              Hyped for this story btw 😂😂👌
I'm sorry I just saw this when I was reading g a story and I inked I'm like what? I'm Mexican btw
AmelUnni6u6 AmelUnni6u6 Jul 20
I came here because echilada's name, that food is so known here 
                              (I'm mexican and now i'm hungry 'cause this >:v)
-taetricus -taetricus Aug 02
It's funny bc in Mexico nobody celebrates May 5th, just the people from Puebla.
Remaz_Bato Remaz_Bato Jul 24
This is like Alex from target. Not exactly, but like. And No, I am not accusing you of stealing ideas because they are two different stories. They just have some things in common
Hey awesome story!! :) check out mine too part 2 is Super sexy!! Muahahaha