Cat Puns // YoonMin

Cat Puns // YoonMin

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"How do cats end a fight?
They hiss and make up."

In which Jimin accidentally texts the wrong number.

T/W: strong language and lots of fluff

Me now it's 7AM and I'm still wide awake no sleeping today for me
Hunsol Hunsol 5 days ago
that's how i used to think but now high school's got me screwed up and honestly i'd slaughter three goat just to get five to six hours of sleep for once
There's boy in my class called koukie like cookie really not lying
*sigh* That was...
                              Actually really good, I should write that down.
vkookk4life vkookk4life Jul 26
Bruhh wut a coincidence I'm reading dis ad 4 am hahahhaha I have no life 😅
vkookk4life vkookk4life Jul 26
I'm not lololololololol I haven't went to bed since 9 am yesterday and it's 4 am right now proof I have no life I stay up all night reading bts fanfic hahahahhahahhaha ok I'll go home (but I am home) of fr I'll leave and thx to the ppl that actually read dis