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When Addison Pierce is dropped off at Eaton Academy, she knows only three things: her name, her age and that she can't trust anyone. She was told that she would be safe here, but she doesn't feel safe, not when she desperately wants her memories back and is forced to tell lie upon lie about who she really is. 

The only thing keeping her from going totally insane are the pills she found in her suitcase. At first Addison didin't understand why she had them, but she comes to realise how much she needs them once she makes enemies with the richest girl at the Academy and a boy who seems to hate her for something she doesn't remember doing. 

Add the hardships of being a teenager and finding your way in the world all alone on top of this and you get a recipe for one thing. 


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Cover by Milliontheorc

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WBRbookreviews WBRbookreviews Sep 30, 2017
Hey! Love the story so far, but I voted too many times in one day, so I'm not going to continue reading until I can vote on your chapters. Anyway I hope I can complete reading this by next Saturday so I can review it!
weavingeyes weavingeyes Apr 12, 2017
I really enjoy the way you started the story. The fact that at first she didn't know who she was or where she was created a serious tone. Although prologues I've read have been pretty short, I'll make an exception since it was very interesting.
DeffodelsAraquel DeffodelsAraquel Dec 02, 2017
omaraguirre omaraguirre Dec 27, 2017
Interesting start. I like how you set up the mystery right from the beginning, hooking the reader by having the main character talk to someone who knows more than them.  Good start.
XPaigeTheWriterX XPaigeTheWriterX Apr 06, 2017
Wow this is extra legitimate material 👌 great book so far and I love the ideas! Keep writing! You clearly have a talent for this ☺👍😍
xanabanana66x xanabanana66x Feb 02, 2017
I really like this opening and the way you write long paragraphs and then suddenly snap a short word for effect. It's beautiful :)