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Imagine not being able to remember your family or friends. In fact, imagine not being able to remember your own name or anything about yourself!
Welcome to the life of Addison Pierce.

She enters Eaton Academy, the most prestigious academy in the world, only knowing three things. 

Her name, her age and that she can't trust anyone.

What happens when you add a boy with anger issues and an attitude to the equation? 


Something that Caiden Calimero is known for. 

Addison learns a lot about her friends and the ways of Eaton Academy, yet a lot of things happen behind closed doors.

The thing is, Addison has her own secrets, secrets that she doesn't even know about yet. 

But what was the best thing about not remembering who you were? 

You could be anyone you wanted to be.


AGB17luv AGB17luv Jul 18
Hey I really liked your story. It'd mean so much if you could check out my book, The Hippie Grunge Tumblr Girl, or my other book Her Escape, or any of my books! :) You're a really good writer! ♡ THX 
                              -Melody Rain ♡ :)