Turning Tables ~ GakuKaru (Boy x Boy)

Turning Tables ~ GakuKaru (Boy x Boy)

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Bbeebo Mmeebo By GrimoireOfPotato Updated Apr 03, 2018

Ever since Karma had started picking up on different habits back in Class E, he and Gakushuu have been going through the same old cycle again and again. And frankly, the latter is sick of it. So what happens when he manages to find a juicy piece of blackmail material on the devilish redhead and makes a most unpredictable request?

"...be my lover for the rest of highschool."

From that day on, their lives become a neverending series of tears, struggles, and frustration. But in the end...

...could they find that it might actually have all been worth it?

Pairing: Gakushuu x Karma

Rating: M

Warning ~ Contains some triggering content and depressing themes

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