The Neglected Kitsune

The Neglected Kitsune

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Latino-sama By Latino-sama Updated May 11, 2016

What if Naruto had parents? What if he isn't really Naruto? What will he do if he is tortured and neglected until The kyuubi no kitsune talks to him and gives him something his parents never gave him love.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto only the plot. Kishimoto-sama does.

This book has some inappropriate scenes that if you are under age you should just skip...thank you and I hope you like it.

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Kurama because Naruhina is already official in the naruto series.
gibson1014 gibson1014 Aug 05, 2016
Yes on the sharingan, only kyuubi for relationship, no he should not join akatsuki, kakashi for sensei, sasuke and shikimaru for teammates.
ceruleanwolf ceruleanwolf Jun 17, 2016
NaruKura!!!  Also, someone sure better beat Minato and show him the errors of his ways!!!!!!
Bloody_Fox_on_fire Bloody_Fox_on_fire Jul 06, 2016
Kurama  renaggon same team 7 and he shouldn't join the akatsuki
gibson1014 gibson1014 Aug 05, 2016
So why does minato hate Naruto so much as to rasengan him out the house?
Yuesarutobi Yuesarutobi Jan 06
It doesn't matter if the writer didn't do any research, who cares. It's their story and they can write whatever they want. 
                              Geez if people don't stop complaining about how the writers write their stories, then it wouldn't even surprise me if all of the watt pad writers took down all their stories.