The Neglected Kitsune

The Neglected Kitsune

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Latino-sama By Latino-sama Updated May 11, 2016

What if Naruto had parents? What if he isn't really Naruto? What will he do if he is tortured and neglected until The kyuubi no kitsune talks to him and gives him something his parents never gave him love.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto only the plot. Kishimoto-sama does.

This book has some inappropriate scenes that if you are under age you should just skip...thank you and I hope you like it.

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fabulousstudios fabulousstudios Aug 31, 2017
I love how everyone shipping naruhina and narukura but I'm over here shipping naruino XDD
skeletonkitsune skeletonkitsune Apr 03, 2017
I thought it said moustache instead of stomach, I was like 'wtf?'
chibidaysi chibidaysi Aug 18, 2017
*this fanfiction is familiar* *continue reading* *i can't wait until his older so I can have fun with him* *exit out, I remember know this is a fem kurama x naruto*
Wow thats a long name 
                              And i thought mine was long
                              Natasza Zofia Weiss
Minato, get ready to FUCCING DIE FOR HURTING NARU-KUN! I sound so Fangirl-ish...
fabulousstudios fabulousstudios Aug 31, 2017
sooo his middle name is a grocery store? not hating just saying😂😂