Take Your Tears, Put 'Em On Ice

Take Your Tears, Put 'Em On Ice

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~Peterick~ / 2 PARTS

Pete Wentz is a high school hockey player, captain and star of the team.
Patrick Stump is home schooled, though spends most of his free time at the local ice rink.
Years pass, their schedules just bumping around one another. That is until one day Patrick calls his aunt in need of aid, where Pete answers the plea.

Part I : completed
Part II : completed

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Hey_Moon__ Hey_Moon__ Jul 25
I could just imagine him akwardly clinking away on his skates
Random but I have a story in my library that I already read in the past and it has the same cover (but only shows the skates) and it's about a hockey player and a figure skater falling in love but it's a different ship
AlexYverr AlexYverr Jul 10
Dude I saw hockey and I am here! Hockey is my freaking life and so is Peterick so I am here! Thank you for summoning from my trash home!
ALL MAH BEANS except logan and robert because idk who those people are BUT WE GOT SOME
I'm reading this again it's so good, not even to mention that I ship Petekey so the fact that I'm reading this again is kinda weird