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Watching Miraculous (Episodes and Comic Dubs !!)

Watching Miraculous (Episodes and Comic Dubs !!)

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LadrienLover By LadrienLover Updated Jun 02

"Uh.. Where am I ?" Marinette mumbled as she woke up. She felt herself leaning on someone. She thought it was Alya, but seconds later, it turned out to be Adrien. Marinette backed away from him, and calmed down. He hadn't woken up. No one, but she did. 
"Marinette ?" Tikki, Marinette's kwami tapped her shoulder, looking away from her. 
"Not now, Tikki. I don't think I can transform" Marinette replied while trying to make heads or tails of where they were. 
"But, just look here !" Tikki insisted. Marinette turned around and was shocked. 
In front of her were two rows of bean bags. At the very front, there was a table on which there were bowls, which were mostly full of snacks, but there was one with chits. But what caught Mari's and Tikki's attention was something even ahead - a large screen. 
"Are we in a theater ?" Mari thought.

Didn't know, hated the puns, oblivious. Those are the reasons Marinette as Ladybug rejected ADRIEN as Chat Noir.
mine Camembert plagg can't have any
                              plagg "is looking at me and wining that am stealing his food
Course! It's your FATHER for crying out loud! I can't believe that Adrien has no clue about this. His vault behind the portrait had the BOOK of MIRACULOUS! If he has that, he should be a miraculous holder. Idiots!
First off; The Puns! 
                              And second; their gonna find out sooner or later marinette. Like in a few minutes.
I call Mr Agreste Ducer bc that's what I always thought Nino called him.
No, he just has a kwami. Plagg doesny transform to anything. And he is definitely not one of the two most  important kwamis.