The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element

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Samantha but most people call me Sam By Sammmy134 Updated Sep 27

In Elemental magic you can be one of four magic types; water, fire, earth, and air. The only problem is Violet is none of these things. Is she what they call a magic dud, or is she something rarer, more powerful, and more dangerous than anyone could have imagined!?

"Em, most girls sneak out for a boy, you sneak out for a unicorn."

I began to cry as it reached for my face."No!" I screamed. "Please No!"

I went to pull back the shower curtain, but some nagging thought in the back of my head stopped me. I didn't have a little brother, so why was there a little boy in my bathroom? I gulped and with shaking hands pulled back the shower curtain.

"You tried to commit suicide!" I said in horror.

"What!? How could that be!?" I yelled, and covered my hand with my mouth. Shouting wasn't such a good idea right at this moment.  If someone heard us and came up here to investigate the noise we were making, they would find a boy and a girl, a bloody knife with both their finger prints on it, and a very very dead body.

"Don't touch her!" he hissed and lunged at Henry.

Running through the night wearing nothing but a flimsy hospital dress, while waving a dismembered hand in his hand, was a strangeness no regular person could hope to inspire to.

Pshh no are u stupid I think  you hit your head or something *walks fast through the hallway* 
                              DONT TELL ANY BODY I WASN'T PAYING ATTENTION! !!
(Turns into happy) You llllooooovvveee her! 
                              Violet: ZIP IT CAT!
ewkenn ewkenn Oct 01
This girl is so overused by role players and books 😭💀 Imma just make her look different in my head
Down here, it says Rosebud, but if you go back up, it says Rosewood...
RuruMik RuruMik Oct 06
Finally! A girl who eats something other than an apple in the morning for breakfast
I have a dream journal since I was grade four😃....its quite one of my fav hobby...