Mad Hatter.「Billdip」

Mad Hatter.「Billdip」

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C0L0UR By C0L0UR Updated Jun 18, 2017

[PG13+] Contains Sexual Content and Dirty Language!
Also Contains Homosexual relationship, if you are against it-- Don't read.


One day, Dipper was exploring the Botomless pit-- or a Black hole as he would like to call it and he fell.

Dipper knew that when he fell down, he would eventually come back to the surface so all he could do was wait for it. A few minutes passed, but it would take at least take twenty minutes for him to come back, but.. THUD!

He didn't reach the surface, He reached..

' The Wonderland '.

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RavenLovingFangirl RavenLovingFangirl Jun 19, 2017
Does Billy Love Dippy Boy Or Is The Need For Something Else?
                              DEH NEH NEH NAH NEH 
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Cheetahtwo Cheetahtwo Jan 31, 2017
Weird, I could have sworn that there were more chapters than this...
Dragondreamer11 Dragondreamer11 Dec 29, 2016
I would've started blaming and arguing with the rabbit or having a small argument with myself on the way down and than realize that I'm falling.