Mac Rebeli [a fairy tale]

Mac Rebeli [a fairy tale]

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Kellie Bowe By WriterKellie Updated Apr 09, 2016

Pretty to see, hard to catch.

 That's how girls like Mac always are- they've grown up quicker than their peers, they know who they are and what they want and where they're going. They don't have time for drama or relationships or long nights out drinking. They like what they like, and what Mac likes is geology. Petrology, specifically. The study of rocks. And it's this love that sends her on a trip to Yosemite in search of a small, hidden cave hikers claimed to have found diamonds in.

 But there are those in the forest that see a pretty girl like Mac and want to pin her down, forever.

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MarenEmily MarenEmily Apr 17, 2017
Old Faithful is in Yellowstone National Park which is located in Montana and Wyoming. Yosemite is in central California. Common mistake
GuerrillaReader GuerrillaReader Jun 12, 2017
🎵It's lovely down in the woods today, 
                                   But it's safer to stay at home~🎶
GuerrillaReader GuerrillaReader Jun 12, 2017
I'm willing to bet 3 socks and a pineapple that this night will be magic.
GuerrillaReader GuerrillaReader Jun 12, 2017
🎶If you go out into the woods tonight, 
                                   You better not go alone~🎵
KinseyPH KinseyPH Mar 17, 2016
Love it! 
                              And if those aren't some of the most elegantly crafted descriptions I've ever heard.
rawanle rawanle Mar 17, 2016
I'm so excited for this story!! Also thank you for the dedication...I'm having a major fan girl moment rn ❤