Masks Off [Ladybug X Chat Noir] | DISCONTINUED

Masks Off [Ladybug X Chat Noir] | DISCONTINUED

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タイラー By tylers_shoes Completed


After months of hiding their identities from each other, an incident causes a certain cat's secret to be spilled. Ladybug is yet to find out, and his 'master' plan spirals in a whole new direction.

Will things change for the better? Or for the worse?

*I do not own Miraculous Ladybug or any of the characters!*

[¡Written during season 1!]

HareShare HareShare Apr 22
Now I'm concerned about chat noir when the identities reveal. Lol that would be catastrophic! XD
xfleetfootx xfleetfootx Apr 22
*says in a whispery dramatic voice* You never know...*walks away in to the darkenss while looking at you as the voice echos*
BLCKChat BLCKChat Jul 12
I really hope that they give Nathanael a larger and more important role in S2. I like drama and want Adrien to have some competition for Marinette's attention; sue me!
HareShare HareShare Apr 22
I was so into the poetry here that fur a moment, I completely furgot  this was a miraculous fan fiction. And that's when you know the author is good :)
HareShare HareShare Apr 22
Omg I can't take any more poetry and that too describing the hottest guy in the cartoon universe! This is too good!
Only read the first paragraph but I can already tell this is gonna be good!