The Game I Was Destined To Loose

The Game I Was Destined To Loose

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"When you said you loved me, for the first time. Was it real? " Louis's voice cracked towards the end of his question. What if he wasn't strong enough to hear Harry's answer. So much time into their marriage, what if all of it was just a scam?

 On not getting an answer Louis shifted on Harry's lap, he scooted closer and tucked Harry's long silky hair behind his ear,  nudging the man to answer the question," Just one last question Hazza. Please?" it was the only hope I have. 
He finished the sentence in his head.

"Promise me you won't leave me? "

Louis was taken a back by the request and his heart started to sting because even though his head knew Harry's answer,  his heart refused to believe it.

" I promise. " Louis said in a heartbeat, still hoping the answer wouldn't be what he was going to hear.  His head knew the answer but he still had hope in his heart. Harry would never do that to him. 
not after all that happened between them.
Harry took in a deep breath and said the word that broke Louis's heart all over again.

Harry married Louis to get the Styles empire under his name, trying to make Louis fall in love with him changed Harry in many ways . 
He was playing a game he was destined to loose. 
But was losing for the better or worse? 

Male pregnancy, 
Mature content, might have grammatical errors which will be looked upon later.

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LoveULou LoveULou Apr 11, 2016
The story line is interesting. I like it. I'm waiting for next chapter.