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Karmagisa one-shots (request)

Karmagisa one-shots (request)

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Akabane Karma By OtakuNerd3104 Updated Mar 26, 2016

So this is my first time making a karmagisa fanfic. So i'm gonna write a story first and the rest i'll make from the request (if there is any T^T). So the first story is about Karma making Nagisa wear an embarassing costume and stuff. Enjoy~

Ps. Sorry if my japan is horrible T^T. Pls tell me the right word/writing/spelling if i'm wrong. Onegai (please)

GhostieNico GhostieNico Jul 13, 2016
Could you please make a teacher/student one? (Karma teacher and Nagisa student)
rainymaine rainymaine Aug 08, 2016
Sorry for grammar critic pls don't hate me 😭 3 is San in Japanese but the story is beautiful I love it
NekoetteMichi NekoetteMichi Apr 30, 2016
Me: Meow! Kawaii!! I love this story!!! Best book ever!! Karmagisa fan forever!! I love-
                              Mizuki: *hits me with a Karmagisa book* Shush dear sister.
                              Me: *faints*
Mystic_Shiro Mystic_Shiro Aug 14, 2016
Yamero and Yamete or Yamete kudasai had the same meaning as Stop lol
carleigh11kun carleigh11kun Nov 18, 2016
Please make a story like alice in wonderland plotline Onegaii! ^~^
AnimeKonata AnimeKonata Aug 10, 2016
Nakamura, Kayano I understand. But Sugino Isogai? Itona too? Well it still makes me laugh