This is a Daichi X Suga fanfic [ Yaoi ]

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Taekeaway Taekeaway Jul 09, 2017
introducing Daichi and suga my gay gay gay bois 
                              dadchi and sugamama ftw
kaiwi1 kaiwi1 Jul 26, 2017
You know why Suga?
                              Because you had a dream that you jumped down from a refrigerator in a green suit yelling "IM GAY"
Taekeaway Taekeaway Jul 09, 2017
Daichi ur ma boi but hurt my sugar and I will shank u and bang u one with a frying pan
                              hugs and kisses
                              -jorja <3<3
WinterWatcher4Life WinterWatcher4Life Apr 21, 2017
                              DAICHI. IF YOU MAKE SUGAMAMA CRY, I WILL END YOU.
AlyssaHQ AlyssaHQ May 16, 2016
I flooded my room with my nosebleeds. The fluff, i cant handle it
Sawamura-Daichi Sawamura-Daichi Oct 25, 2016
Suga is thinking I'm falling for her
                              Ha, I'd be gay for Suga's smile any day