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The DILF (18+ Only) [COMPLETED]

The DILF (18+ Only) [COMPLETED]

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KanyeInterruptedMe By KanyeInterruptedMe Completed

[The Dad I'd Like to F*ck: Follow to Read the First 8 Chapters BEFORE You Add to Your Reading List] "You should be careful," Devin said calmly, bending over to scoop Rory into his arms. "This bathtub can get incredibly slippery."
"So I noticed," she said dryly. Mortified, she noticed how erect her nipples were. They stabbed the air like tiny knives of arousal and she was positive that Devin had noticed. "I think I can walk now," she said quickly.
To her relief, he set her on the ground and reached for her towel. "This is the second time I'm rescuing you," he said, in that quiet way Rory was beginning to recognise as his annoyed tone. "Let's not make it a habit."
Rory tightened the towel around herself, wincing from the motion. "I slipped in the tub. Hardly a rescue."
A dirty look crossed his face. "I haven't had sex in two years, Rory. Consider yourself rescued..." He turned to leave "...from me."
She was speechless. For starters, this had been the longest conversation she'd ever had with Devin Shaw and, secondly, she was positive that he wasn't as crazy as he let everyone believe he was...

(A/N: Someday, I will have to go back and edit this mess)

Phew, I didn't read VIP first, I only read the first two or so chapters
I read VIP and im shocked that this is the story of her parents OMG
I've been reading so many stories with the name Ophelia lately, anyways rr
I read The VIP first but it's been hella long time now. That was about Ophelia and Nikolas or Nicholas, right? My bad for spoilers.
Thank God I can now read the private chapters 😂😂 I see everyone feeling uncomfortable because they read the VIP first
_alociv _alociv May 19
Read the VIP before this but I'm highly unbothered... Is that weird?