So Close, Yet So Far✔(Sebasdion BxB)

So Close, Yet So Far✔(Sebasdion BxB)

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(don't read if you don't like that kinda stuff)

This book does have explicit language in some parts and some mature scenes which I will warn you about. If any of those things disturb you please do NOT read.


Meet Sebb Argo. The sweetest and the most caring guy you'll ever know, with the cutest face and a soft personality, girls die for Sebb. But he never notices and is too busy caring for animals and calling others poop.

Now meet Dion Yorkie. The complete opposite of Sebb. He is the stereotype jock of the school and could care less about anything. With a rocking hot body and the face of a fuckboy, he has a girl in his bed almost every weekend.

What happens when their worlds clash? With haunting feelings and doubtful decisions, I present to you the story of a cute, cheerful guy and a hot, cocky jock. 


(this is a fanfic of sebb and dion, they are youtubers for those who didn't know. although you don't need to watch their videos to understand this story.)

28/10/2016 Sebb and Dion reenacted this story 💗

Best story over my got I love her so much I just can't get enough of it all my God I mean I just can't I don't how don't have any words
DiamondL_ DiamondL_ Jul 05
This novel is fantastic😂Best fan makes I have ever seen! Love Sebasdion, and the author❤️❤️
Meisterr Meisterr Jun 04
Amazig way to introduce Sebb and the group. Loved it.
                              10 / 10
lctterbomb lctterbomb Apr 02
it was really weird getting into this ship because as soon as i read 'dion' i was like wtf, that's the guy i have a crush on
HngVn77 HngVn77 Apr 24
Its too late for me to read it, but its so a interesting story
Lycometis Lycometis Apr 28
wow... I found your story because Sebb and Dion have read it on their channel (although It's seem late) but It's great, I like it ! Have a good day~ (and sorry about my bad Eng)