Breaking The Play Boy

Breaking The Play Boy

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°~°Determination Is To DeTEMMIEnation! HOI!1!1°~° By _NALU_Fairy_Tail_ Updated Oct 11

11 Rules/Ways For Breaking The Play Boy

1 Be his girlfriend.
2 You should be the only girl that he's dating.
3 He treats you in a great restaurant.
4 He always walk/drives you home.
5 He is super kind to you.
6 He is willing to give up everything just for you.
7 He protects you from dangers.
8 He gets something special for you in occassions. And introduce you to his parents.
9 Make him fall in love to you and ONLY to you.
10 Break His Heart.
11 NEVER Fall For the Play Boy.

By breaking the 11th rule, you'll get punished by a heavy price to pay.

The blonde comforted her bestfriend. Because she got played by one of the Famous Play Boy in their Campus. Who is Natsu Dragneel.

The blonde has always hated that guy.
And now she's taking revenge for her bestfriend. By doing the 11 Rules For Breaking The Play Boy.

This is one of the only fanfics were Lisanna isn't a b*tch. Excuse my language.
SkyTehCat SkyTehCat May 08
Natsu~Senpai...IS A PLAYBOY!???!?! *Takes out dual grey swords and eyes turn red* I DON'T NEED THE 11 RULES! I'LL JUST BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIM!
It was AWESOME!!!! Someone tell me I'm wrong. No one? See everyone agrees with me.
Gurl I get how you feel. Even tho I'm brown and I'm not allowed to date....the power of white friends
Gohan0p Gohan0p Jul 27
Thank u so much that lisanna and lucy r friends. I love her but in every fanfic shes like the bad guy or something and its really really annoying
I can sense some strong nalu coming on. Nice chappie by the way.