Zodiac Life

Zodiac Life

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Estherity (going through a phase rn) By esther_ity Updated Jan 11

The life of the zodiac signs when they turn into humans and end up having to survive/live together and find a way to get back to their home. What will happen?


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Entered for the Wattys because why not

I got the idea from xXxRed-RosesxXx and I got her permission to write a book based on this idea. You should go and check out her books, they're pretty great.

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Yes Pisces is a male finally someone to match my life being a male pisces
I kinda want aries and scorpio to fall in love.... And imma scorpio..... But im blonde.
ThePaganSun ThePaganSun Jul 28
Lol... Damn straight. Leos are LIONS and not afraid of anything. Certainly not little rams. 😉♌
Im a girl and im cancer, I really wanted to relate.. ill still read XD
That is not what I acpected Aries to be like but I ain't hating
ThePaganSun ThePaganSun Jul 28
He seems hot for everything except the height, but I know the author stated that the exact heights given were not accurate.