Zodiac Life

Zodiac Life

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Estherity By esther_ity Updated Jan 11

The life of the zodiac signs when they turn into humans and end up having to survive/live together and find a way to get back to their home. What will happen?


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I got the idea from xXxRed-RosesxXx and I got her permission to write a book based on this idea. You should go and check out her books, they're pretty great.

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BronzeTurtle BronzeTurtle Dec 07, 2016
Btw on the heights, 100cm is only about 3 feet if that helps anyone
silent0racle silent0racle May 12, 2016
Character description would be nice c: otherwise i think the story concept is great lol haha Pisces ftw
IsaCap0 IsaCap0 Apr 19, 2016
I'm a cancer!!!!! Wait what are the looks? How does the zodiac characters look likes
Papijohn405 Papijohn405 Jul 14, 2016
this is actually one of the best stories I read. Btw what's your sign?
This story is great but Y is Leo soo short ?? Can't he be at least above 170 cm
Zathlion Zathlion May 22, 2016
Lol, I'm glad I stumbled across this :p as soon as I read about the tough girl, I immediately thought 'she's Scorpio' and I was right x3 great idea btw!