Mine now (billdip)

Mine now (billdip)

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larry4thy4th By larry4thy4th Updated Dec 19, 2016

Pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree......

I will make you mine.. Now and forever...


So hey ya another billdip book and umm ya not much to say about this one will be smut because smut is life but I mean ya so read if you like and HAVE A GOOD LIFE!!

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KikiBlood14 KikiBlood14 Aug 28, 2017
Me: calm down Mr.Cipher, why not countdown from zero?
                              Mr.D: from zero?
                              Me: there's negative numbers
                              Mr.D: oh, anyway that's not going to work. He's in heat
                              Me: demons have heat?
                              Mr.D: yes they're even some of them in heat 24/7
                              Me: like succubus and Incubus?
                              Mr.D: exactly
alaynapheonix alaynapheonix Oct 11, 2017
Bil summoned a magical cock ring😂😂😂😂 (I laughed too hard when I read this)
Sherlock5647 Sherlock5647 2 days ago
Is that from pirates of the Caribbean! Cause I remember that scene where they told Elizabeth that if she wasn’t going to wear it she could go naked!
This is so cute I wish I could have a fanfic about me  and bill but that will never happen 😄🙂😔
BTShip BTShip Nov 30, 2017
Dipper: My hands are tied Bill
                              Bill: Oh...
                              Me: *In the corner of the room* Hahaha! Ya dumbàśś!
                              Them: Who are you?
                              Me: *slowly fades away* I was never here
My eyes were the size of saucers when it came to the part with the cock ring.