Mine now (billdip)

Mine now (billdip)

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larry4thy4th By larry4thy4th Updated Dec 19, 2016

Pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree pine tree......

I will make you mine.. Now and forever...


So hey ya another billdip book and umm ya not much to say about this one will be smut because smut is life but I mean ya so read if you like and HAVE A GOOD LIFE!!

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KikiBlood14 KikiBlood14 Aug 28
Me: calm down Mr.Cipher, why not countdown from zero?
                              Mr.D: from zero?
                              Me: there's negative numbers
                              Mr.D: oh, anyway that's not going to work. He's in heat
                              Me: demons have heat?
                              Mr.D: yes they're even some of them in heat 24/7
                              Me: like succubus and Incubus?
                              Mr.D: exactly
Reads first sentence* is hooked and loves the whole book immediately
You wrote esophagus but you should have written trachea which would have been the right word
                              jk I use big words a lot.
Yaaaaaannnnnnnndddddddeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee oooooo kinky
It goes through your nose,windpipe,lungs and then out again. Esophagus is for food