The Moment I Lay My Eyes On You *~*Laurance X Reader*~* UNDER EDITING

The Moment I Lay My Eyes On You *~*Laurance X Reader*~* UNDER EDITING

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Kawaii_Desu__Girl By Kawaii_Desu__Girl Updated Jul 31, 2017

Y/N is 19 years old and now she old enough to leave the house  to live somewhere else. As she already out to go to on her journey their she starts. Her first task was to find a village since is live in a little house in the wood. But their this journey she gets to meet people even maybe her love~. As Y/N she going on Adventures with her new friends and also get into trouble sometimes. 

*^*I do not own any of Aphmau Characters they are all from Aphmau Minecraft Dairies. Plus I'm going to make up my own characters soon or later in the story. *^*

Hello! I'm recently going under major editing this story. Since I see so many mistakes in the beginning chapters and whatnot.

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MokiDog14 MokiDog14 Sep 17, 2017
I have the same hair color as my mom and dad but my brother and I are probably the only ones that have hazel eyes
                              Mukizami (OC last name)
                              Red black and fox red
                              Guns of any kind and knifes 
KrayzKawaiichan KrayzKawaiichan Dec 13, 2017
                              michete (i think thats how you spell it)
HonokaKozoka HonokaKozoka Jan 03, 2017
Hey I'm already in season 3....*spioler alert* aphmau is irene....
BestfrensWithMyGuns BestfrensWithMyGuns Dec 25, 2016
I imagined that so FREAKIN creepy I imagined that I was just talking to dad and two ghost children come up to my legs and run around them and then hugged them
Kookie_The_Kutie Kookie_The_Kutie Jun 29, 2016
mobbbbbbssssssssssss  not mods if this makes you upset i cant help but correct spelling mistakes blame it on my third grade teacher