Unbreakable {Sequel to Chains Around My Heart} (Jason McCann)

Unbreakable {Sequel to Chains Around My Heart} (Jason McCann)

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{Official sequel to Chains Around My Heart}

Jason never thought this day would come. He never thought that he would be caught by the police but he did. Why? Because he loves Madison. He gave up for her.

What happens two years after he is released from prison? Will Madison still have the same feelings for him?

It's a new journey to come. 

But the question is, are they unbreakable?

I knew it, the first paragraph gave me this feeling that sjs might've moved on
Abuse? You lie? Bitch gtfo rn, go wash yo mouth, then come back and say THE TRUTH!! "
AtishiJain AtishiJain Aug 18
Jason would have seen and was hurt but it's not mentioned in his POV
AtishiJain AtishiJain Aug 18
Blake would have slapped her. Doesn't matter cause Jason will beat the crap outta him afterwards
AtishiJain AtishiJain Aug 18
Its 2nd time now and he must have slapped her many more times
Abdia889 Abdia889 Sep 06
Why did Madison did this to Jason?!😭 if o had to wait for him for 5 years I would do it! He was Madison's love of life and she just broke his heart