Percy Jackson, Son Of Death

Percy Jackson, Son Of Death

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Burnt Heart By Valorfrost Updated Apr 10

I was betrayed.
I was broken.
I was nothing.

Memories flooded my mind like a tsunami.

Annabeth never loved me.
My friends betrayed me.

For my evil brother,
Ryan Blare.


He's like" I woke up like this... FLAWLESS." 
                              And I'm like: "PERSASSSSSYYYYYY!!!!!!!!"
LMFAO I knew that is where this would lead... you are now in my top 15 Authors
My grandma likes him more than she likes me. It always gets me so confused.
Naw that dragon dont love he just likes the smell of heart break radiating from your chesticular area
The only time I'm flawless is when I flawless people in destiny and COD
Am i the only one realizing that ryan is way younger than annabeth. GROSS