Percy Jackson, Son Of Death

Percy Jackson, Son Of Death

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Burnt Heart By Valorfrost Updated Apr 10, 2017

I was betrayed.
I was broken.
I was nothing.

Memories flooded my mind like a tsunami.

Annabeth never loved me.
My friends betrayed me.

For my evil brother,
Ryan Blare.


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PrincessofiIron PrincessofiIron Oct 27, 2017
LOL , he just decided to die and his last words is a poem. Idk what happened
TheSageOfSixPaths TheSageOfSixPaths Jul 23, 2017
My grandma likes him more than she likes me. It always gets me so confused.
When Shane Dawson ‘joined’ the Illuminati 😂😂😂😅
TheSageOfSixPaths TheSageOfSixPaths Jul 23, 2017
The only time I'm flawless is when I flawless people in destiny and COD
TheBlurredLines TheBlurredLines Jun 29, 2017
Am i the only one realizing that ryan is way younger than annabeth. GROSS
TheEditorsupreme TheEditorsupreme Jun 01, 2017
I have promblems they are very Sirious. Especially my head its pretty Harry. And it swings everywhere when i be Lupin with my hoolahoop