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Percy Jackson, Son Of Death

Percy Jackson, Son Of Death

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Burnt Heart By Valorfrost Updated Apr 10

I was betrayed.
I was broken.
I was nothing.

Memories flooded my mind like a tsunami.

Annabeth never loved me.
My friends betrayed me.

For my evil brother,
Ryan Blare.


He's like" I woke up like this... FLAWLESS." 
                              And I'm like: "PERSASSSSSYYYYYY!!!!!!!!"
raxtus911 raxtus911 Jan 21
All dragons are very loyal like me, cuz I'm a dragon as well.😀
THATS NOT TRUE!!!! I LOVE YOU PERCY AND I PROMISE THAT IM A GOOD SISTER!!!!!! I'm also Annabeths sister so I'm gonna tell mum and dad (Athena and Poseidon) or I'll just kick her a$$ myself
raxtus911 raxtus911 Jan 21
You know in all of these types of stories it's always his brother or a son of Ares that ruins his life. I feel like it is rude to put every child of Ares in the same category of mean, rude and killers. I sure as hades aren't those things and I'm an Ares kid.
Percy we love you!!!!! I don't care what people say when I tell people that I love a character from a book. None of us do. We will always love you. Ok now that that is over have some blue cookies.
EmperorsNewCloth EmperorsNewCloth Dec 20, 2016
When they ask you how your feeling you just have to lie and say your okay.