Under Lock and Key #Wattys2016

Under Lock and Key #Wattys2016

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Jordan By __CaptainSwan__ Completed

He's a serial killer. An animal looking for its prey. He's killed many people in different locations. He always knows where to go and how to avoid being caught. He doesn't have a "type." He kills whoever, whenever. 

But when he gets ahold of one girl, he knows that there is something different about her. 

She's got fire

She's got an attitude 

She's a challenge 

Everything he loves in women, nothing in a victim. 

He can't let her go, but he can't bring himself to finish the job. Is it because he sees the look in her eyes that he has seen in the mirror for the past 20 years?

*goes to the kitchen and grabs a sharp knife* how did u called Emma whale?
Re-reading!!!  BC I luv this fanfic, expect more comments from meh!
Pfffdfttt being a serial killer is a better carrer,oh no wait that's his hobby
Emma, u can't call a random guy handsome!  If it's killy u call him hawt
I will pour goat's milk into this guy's nostrils if he won't stop speaking :-:
But whale she isn't with u, so how can she get out of the car?  She is with a man u know, a real one