Too Gay To See Straight .

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wavygirlmeli By wavygirlmeli Updated a year ago
Im Sure You All Remember Stud In Love (; Well This Story Is Just As Similar . Read ! Audrey Is A Lesbian Stud Who Does What it Takes To Make Sure She's Always w/ Candii Who is a Lesbian Fem .
Who else notices in almost every stud fanfic they red a giro named Audrey
The Title Is Banging ! I Love The Story So Far Also . & Aayyee Yall Read My Stories Please & Thank You .
that girl is not going to leave yiu alone especially if you were her first. I like your book keep writing. so me of your workds I never heard of but it's good.
Bruh, the girl on the cover is hella fine. I'm guessing that's Audrey (or however you spell it) I need a stud like her. But I like this so far ;)
Awesome story's not trying to be rude or makin u do extra but if u could say who's saying dat I'm sooooo confused
That girl crazy showin up at ppl house aww aubrey in candiin