A Girl's Demons (A Naruto Fanfiction)

A Girl's Demons (A Naruto Fanfiction)

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Yori By -OyaOyaOya- Updated Sep 23

The Winter Wolf of Kōrigakure. The Ice Queen. Yukitora. Mizuko. She has many names, but no one knows her real one. 
        As the heir to a one-man clan and a candidate to be the next Kōrikage, 'Mizuko' has been destined for greatness the moment she came into the world. Thing is, power comes with a price. 
        Determined to keep a promise she'd made a long time ago, Mizuko travels to the thriving Village Hidden in the Leaves for the chunin exams. 
        But the nightmares from her past have come back to claim her, and this time, she might not win the fight. When she had first thought she was alone, she finds herself fighting with friends at her side.

          But can that alone stop the darkness from rising?

[ Date started: 3 ~ 17 ~ 16 ]

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Wait... 12+9=21... Author-sama, you suck at math just like me XD
OkamiAkuna OkamiAkuna Jul 28
Mizuko kuyō (水子供養) or "fetus memorial service", is a Japanese ceremony for those who have had a miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion. This practice has become particularly visible since the 1970s with the creation of shrines devoted solely to this ritual...
OkamiAkuna OkamiAkuna Jul 28
For everyone's sake, don't look up who plays naruto, i made the mistake and did... I will never see him the same way 😨
OkamiAkuna OkamiAkuna Jul 28
Naruto asking to come in? Not like naruto, usually he barges in
OkamiAkuna OkamiAkuna Jul 28
Shiro? What are you doing here. Thought you were supposed to be with Keith, pidge, lance and hunk?
Awkward_fangirlz Awkward_fangirlz Dec 18, 2016
Lol in a book I discontinued I had the ice village. I didn't have any ideas