Faith Of A King (Thranduil)

Faith Of A King (Thranduil)

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The.T_Aiden By T_Aiden Updated Nov 29, 2016

Reydreil came from a nearly extinct race of Elves. The Dragon Elves. Her race descended from valars people. She was born a warrior and commander of Dragons and many other creatures. Nature was her home. 

Her kin had been burned to flames in front of her eyes by the great King Thranduil. 
In return she had gotten her dragon to burn half his face off. That wasn't enough for the blood spilt.

She traveled a century getting stronger and wiser.

Reydreil was intent on getting revenge on the handsome king?

But what if two broken souls could mend each other? 

Of course with a few insults and punch or kick two along the way.


"If this so so wrong, why does it feel so right?"

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Jade0525000 Jade0525000 May 13
Bruh I see what you did with that language. I love it. It's great.
ExtinguishTheFire ExtinguishTheFire Dec 18, 2016
I was reading this part and I was thinking "Oh this song I'm listening to really matches the mood of the story, maybe I should tell the author about this song." And then I realized I was listening to the song he/she/they recommended at the beginning of the chapter. -.-
LadySchneefee LadySchneefee May 06, 2016
Merciless!!! But very well writen...has me wonder were the story may go...
Tammy_Luna_70 Tammy_Luna_70 May 29, 2016
Oh Wow!!! That was definitely different! She is hurt and angry, definitely merciless... Looking forward to this story
LadySchneefee LadySchneefee May 06, 2016
The saddness of Thranduil is pulling at my hheart strings!!!!! I really enjoyed this chapter