My Psycho Teacher! [A Yandere! Teacher x Reader] ©

My Psycho Teacher! [A Yandere! Teacher x Reader] ©

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❦cαм❦ By CamsterHale Completed

[Inspired By: Yandere Simulator]

**A/N: This is one of my older books, one that hasn't been rewritten and probably won't be (too busy a schedule), I know it's a tad cringey and got plot holes n shit, but try to enjoy it thanks✌🏻**

You've always been quiet and reserved, always feeling timid and shy around other students; wishing you could be more confident.

But everything changes when you get a new Teacher and something dreadful happens to the school - there's a killer on the loose! Who is doing this? Why? 

Find out in this thrilling book now!

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is he secretly Billy Billions from Ben 10
                              oh and
                              I'm reading this again
I would be mika, y/n would be my best friend tiana and the other would be my other best friend jaleah.
NEINNNNNNNN * Runs towards the nearest window and jumps out and runs the hell outta there*
Oh no! I'm going to be late for Anime School! *places toast in mouth and runs like Naruto*
GracyGirl101 GracyGirl101 a day ago
yes...... we shall begin.....
                              .................THE SUCKENING XD
Cuz what are best friends for, right? Let me tell ya bout mah *COUGH* BEST FRIEND *COUGH* (Zsider squad anyone?)