How to Be Cliche (A Novel)

How to Be Cliche (A Novel)

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Katarina E. Tonks By katrocks247 Updated Aug 05, 2014

Cli·ché: a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.

Meet Pepper Ballard. Independent, single, and sarcastic as hell. Pepper fights her own battles with pride and is officially #done with clichés. Unshaven werewolves, pale vampires, flawless and talented female vampire hunters who instantly fall in love with the enemy even though they want to kill the hunter's entire family... Please, give her a break. The more Pepper tries to avoid these nauseating clichés and destroy them, the further she is dragged into a dark, supernatural world that is her own virtual worst nightmare. A world that includes a bunch of sexy, mysterious, and dangerous men lurking around every corner...

Wait...what's the definition of "nightmare" again?

* * *

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    icloudrocks icloudrocks Mar 21, 2016
    Holy shoot! Best book trailer EVER!!! This should be an actual movie!!!!
    0FanficWriter0 0FanficWriter0 May 02, 2016
    Is this published? I'd much rather read a hard copy of this than have to read this on a phone screen
    TheNinjaMidget TheNinjaMidget Feb 28, 2015
    Just read this and came back and voted for every chapter, that's how amazing this book is!!! XD I'm in love with Hepper ;) and Ronny is the most fabulous guy IN EXISTENCE!!!!!! <3 love it!!! THE FEELS PEOPLE!!!!
    nicquei nicquei Jun 04, 2014
    Holy crap the trailer is amazing XD Can't believe I somehow skipped this story before, like wow, it seems so awesome! Well, cliche of course, but still awesome.
    atreya_ackles atreya_ackles May 25, 2014
    I love the trailer...could be one for a real movie! The book seems promising! XD
    dinosaurfate dinosaurfate Apr 26, 2014
    This one is full of cliche, well thats shown from the title. all I could say is: lmao, its so entertaining xD