Supernatural Laughs

Supernatural Laughs

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Hey, Assbutt! By ithinkdeanisadorable Completed

This book is hotter than Mary Winchester's ceiling fire... (I'm sorry, too soon?)
If you like supernatural and you like to laugh, you should read this. Includes tumblr posts, memes, and other assorted spn jokes. 


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Highest rating: #12 in humor

~wow that was awkward okay just please read my books I promise I'm not this weird in real life (or am I?)~

"His face was stuck like that" "like What " then that happens
I said this once while doing the air quotes and someone called me Castiel (this was before I even watched the show) and I was so confused what they meant, then I met he spn fandom.
asuarezzz asuarezzz Apr 27
That my favorite episode I've watched it so many times and still laughing so hard😂😂😂😭
JishTyUriePeteIero JishTyUriePeteIero Oct 10, 2016
That's not Dean that's jensen Ackles. Jensen is not playing Dean at that moment
JishTyUriePeteIero JishTyUriePeteIero Oct 10, 2016
My friends literally groan when anything supernatural related comes up
TheHalePack TheHalePack Oct 02, 2016
I don't know whether to scream, laugh, or cry for the rest of my life😐