The Petrova Doppelgänger || The Vampire Diaries

The Petrova Doppelgänger || The Vampire Diaries

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Klaroline By TW_TVD_TO_Addict Updated Mar 07

Sophie Gilbert has been trying to live her life and move past the fact that her parents were dead, that she couldn't see them again. Ever since they died in a car crash the past summer, she started thinking that all the days were the same, all she would do was wake up, eat, and then sleep again. Until the school year began, The new school year was supposed to be a distraction. But when all the weird killings start happening, she starts to forget all about her grief and sadness once she gets sucked into a world of supernatural. A world she thought only existed in books and movies. 

And all that starts the second the Salvatore brothers stepped foot into Mystic Falls.

[Season 1 - ?]

DISCLAIMER : I do not own the vampire diaries, or any of the characters. I only own Sophie and any additional characters that I decide to add later on.

She's one of those characters that you don't really pay attention to till they die!
dracokyoyasaeran dracokyoyasaeran Dec 28, 2016
Boy likes girl, Girl likes boy, girl has anxiety, never speak again! Story of my life😂
Nebula27_Girl Nebula27_Girl Nov 11, 2016
I now right whenever someone writes something about it I'm always like LIAR😠
Boy likes girl,girl likes boy but girl is unsocial and awkward as hell!😂