Solangelo Royalty AU

Solangelo Royalty AU

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Emilie By calmbefourthestorm Updated Aug 25

A Solangelo Royalty AU

Both Will and Nico are princes of their respective kingdoms

Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus/Trials of Apollo fanfiction

Amour means love in a some language (I think it was French or Italian) so I'm assuming Piper will be there
Sylva12 Sylva12 Sep 04
This is basically the first time they have an unbiased reason to do it and actually mean it when they say they're doing it because they love him, I can respect that.
I just realized that now that would be during pride month which is just cruel
This is actually the first in depth, detailed, good solangelo fanfic I have ever read. I will definitely keep reading this!
I bet you one of the princesses is going to be Bianca but Nico will come along and Will's going to see him then they'll fall in love
Choose a bride, ha, don't make me laugh. Will marrying a girl, now THAT'S funny.