Fuckboy's Babygirl

Fuckboy's Babygirl

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Jano_Teen By Janoskiansloverr1 Updated Aug 02

"So Mr.Dolan, how many girls have you done this too?" I teased Grayson while he painted my nails being all cute.

"Just one." He said. 

"Who? Tiana? Debbie? Or Debby with the 'y'" I joked. 

He chuckled 

"You." He smirked and I stared at him. 

"Yeah whatever." I rolled my eyes in disbelief. 

"You actually think I'm going to waste my time doing some hoe's nails, when I know I don't have to, to get into her panties?" He was getting cocky. 

"So why are you doing mines?" I asked my best friend. 

"Because Soph..." He paused. 

I was waiting for him to continue. 

"You're my babygirl."

Toxic_Aesthetic Toxic_Aesthetic Nov 10, 2016
Was it just me or did everybody mind go to empire when Tiana was singing 
                              It goes b-b-bang bang bang
Toxic_Aesthetic Toxic_Aesthetic Nov 10, 2016
Once they were 7 years old-
                              *play spongebob campfire remix*
                              Grayson almost broke her back. 
                              And.......uhmmmm...that's it