His Little Boy.

His Little Boy.

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"I think...I think I was so in love with  the idea of saving myself that I didn't realize I was letting myself drown "

"And now?"

"And now you're my lifeboat"

It was only meant to be a favour. Only for a few weeks. 

Yet when  Stryker Odelo finds himself  a Daddy for a scarred little boy,  he finds the darkness that swamped his life cracking and splits of light shining through.

High functioning alcoholic at best,  Meeting the needs of the little proved more challenging than he first anticipated. 

Broken and distrustful, Getting through to Jamie Sinclair was a hard feat.

Both damaged from the past, hurt and cautious, Can they learn to let go and learn how  to love again? 

Or is it life's greatest joy to direct a tragedy?

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You said it. Many people just don't understand that it's apart of us.
Deckard00 Deckard00 May 01
I also like people who can understand the complexity that is Death Note! Most people don't watch it just because they don't understand it😒
I finally found this again! I had removed every book relating to littles after a rough patch I went through involving me being mad at myself for being little, and I strongly regretted it. I'm so glad I found it again because I love it so much.
shattered_beautiful shattered_beautiful Mar 17, 2016
I NEED MORE (and I need it to be even so I commented again, sorry if it's annoying, I can't help it)
YaoiLoVer4Evr1 YaoiLoVer4Evr1 Mar 16, 2016
This is REALLY good!!! I like it!!! Keep up the good work!!!😊😉😘
metroland metroland Jan 04
I keep reading his name as skyler bc i have no idea how to say it lol