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Fire crazed Beast | Natsu x Reader

Fire crazed Beast | Natsu x Reader

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💠 Kay-Chan 💠 By Anime_X_Reader Completed

((I do not own any of the pictures used in the book. Credit to the artists))
    (Y/N) is friends with Lucy and one day when she goes to visit in Fiore after hearing she joined the notorious Fairy Tail guild you go to meet her where she pressures you into joining the guild and you become friends with everyone, like family. But the pink knucklehead obviously doesn't know what love is... And your quite aware because of your ever growing feelings for the Fire dragon slayer himself.
    (Y/N) - Your name
    (H/C) - Hair colour
    (H/L) - Hair length
    (F/C) - Favourite colour
    (M/L) - Mark location... Where your mark is basically.
    (L/N) - Last name
    (F/N) - Full name
    Hope you enjoy <3   d(^-^)z

Motitarivera1 Motitarivera1 15 hours ago
Girl no glue the door, windows cover them with bricks. Nothing will stoop Natsu
Of course like that's gonna work Natsu's like a freakin ghost man!!!
SoraTheFangirl SoraTheFangirl 2 days ago
I'm a fûckin dark matter dragon slayer I will literally shoot u wit angry darkness rays  fite me irl Paz bruh
DJ_Marly DJ_Marly Jan 11
Happy ? I thought you were Lucy ?? I'm confused 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Motitarivera1 Motitarivera1 15 hours ago
What Natsu is to stupid to know what 'keen' is. (No offense my lovely hot strawberry rawr ;) )
CDLJ00 CDLJ00 Feb 02
                              Who is this person?
                              WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE REEEAAAL NATSU?!?